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Unit 10: Macroeconomics and Conflict

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Unit 10: Macroeconomics & Conflict

Instructors: Peter Scholtes & Ashley Forrest



Class website: http://petehumanities.pbworks.com/

Unit 10 Summary: In this two-week unit, you will learn to draw the Circle of Economic Life, explain Gross Domestic Product, and understand one of the major economic motivations of U.S. foreign policy: stability. You will also examine the American government's relationship to the world. Student teacher Ashley Forrest will take over for the second week of class.

2do List:

Total points: 75

formative work (25) + Assessments (50)

Week 36 (May 20 - 24)

▢ Mon: Copy Unit 10 Terms into notebook (3 points)

  • Gross Domestic Product
  • inflation
  • deficit
  • surplus
  • national debt
  • stability


▢ Mon: Circle of Economic Life/GDP/Inflation (3 points) Get materials in class on back table.

▢ Tue: Federal Budget and National Debt. (3 points) Get materials in class on back table. 

▢ Wed: Reading 1 (4 points) Questions for City of Ruins.doc
Get materials in class on back table.

▢ Thu: CIA Activity (3 points) Note: Quiz 1 cancelled. Get materials in class on back table. Watch U.S. support for dictators video:

▢ Fri: (4-FOR-1 FRIDAY)


Wee 37 (May 28 - 31):

Mon: No school, Memorial Day

▢ Tue: Diplomacy and foreign policy. (3 points) icivics diplomacy and foreign policy students.pdf

▢ Wed:  Conflict and cooperation. (3 points) iCivics Conflict & Cooperation STUDENT.pdf

▢ Thu: Ashley teaches. (3 points) ▢ Thu: Quiz 2. (25 points)

▢ Fri: Progress Friday

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