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Unit 9: State and Local Governments (redirected from Unit 9: State and local Governments)

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Unit 9: State & Local Government

Instructor: Peter Scholtes



Class website: http://petehumanities.pbworks.com/

Unit 9 Summary: In this unit, you will design your own city, make a map of it, organize its government, and create a city budget. You'll also learn how state and city governments work, how you can change them, and how federalism shares power between state and federal governments.

2do List:

Total points: 150

formative work (~50) + city government activity (100)

Week 33 (Apr. 29 - May 3)

▢ Mon: Copy Unit 9 Terms into notebook (3 points): Unit 9 Terms Key.doc Unit 9 Terms for Notebook.doc Here's the checklist for this unit: Civ and Econ Unit 9 Checklist.doc

▢ Mon: Homework 1: Unit 9 Word Find (3 points): Unit 9 Word Search.pdf

▢ Tue: "Federalism" worksheet (3 points): Get worksheet in class. Lecture PowerPoint: Federalism lecture.ppt

▢ Tue: Compare Minnesota Constitution to the Bill of Rights (3 points) Minnesota Bill of Rights.doc  

▢ Wed: Reading 1: Ch. 11, Sec. 2: "State Legislatures," p. 246-250. Get questions in class. (5 points): Questions for Unit 9 Reading 1.doc

▢ Thu: "Exploring Our Communities" internet assignment. (3 points) Exploring Our Communities.doc


Wee 34 (May 6 - 9):

▢ Mon: "Intro to Creating Your City" lecture. Intro to Creating Your City.ppt (2 points)

▢ Mon: City Government Activity: Task 1. (3 points) City Government Activity.doc

▢ Tue:  Reading 2: Ch. 12, Sec. 2: "Local Government Services and Revenue," p. 268-274 (3 points) Get questions in class: Questions for Unit 9 Reading 2.doc When done, finish City Government Activity: Task 1.

▢ Wed: City Government Activity: Task 2 & 3. (3 points)City services and budget into.ppt



Week 35 (May 13 - 16):

▢ Mon: On overhead: Task 2: Services. On overhead: Task 3: Budget. "Types of Local Government" lecture. (2 points)

▢ Mon: City Government Activity: Task 4. (3 points) Get Study Guide for Unit 9 Test on Thursday.

▢ Tue: City Government Activity: Task 5.  (3 points)  

▢ Wed:Add vocabulary to City Government Activity ( activity  now worth 100 points--Unit 9 Test has been canceled.) Details:  Unit 9 Test is canceled.doc

▢ Thu:  Complete City Government Activity. (100 points)


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